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RGI Testimonials

– Robert C. (Bob) Willis, Instructor, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) Tactical Training Complex

“I recently listened to Jack Hoban’s talk about the “Ethical Warrior/Protector” for one hour and 15 minutes. I am a product of approximately 18 years of religious education, which includes grade school through post university education and a masters degree. I honestly learned more about values, morals and ethics and their application, especially to law enforcement, in that 75 minutes with Jack Hoban than in my entire almost two decades of study. I highly recommend that all law enforcement officers, trainers and true leaders invest time in learning more about what Mr. Hoban has to say.”

– Michele Irizarry, NYPD

“I came into this course thinking I would leave with the tools to become a better, more tactically sound, law enforcement professional. And while it is true that I am leaving more knowledgeable and better prepared to handle my day to day responsibilities, I’m also leaving a better person.”

– Brian McPherson, New Jersey State Police

“A course which was initially approached with a little skepticism turned into arguably one of the best motivational seminars I have ever attended. Ethical training plus conflict resolution has a place not only in military and law enforcement but everyday life.”

– Bryan Whalen, Park Ranger

“It was a life-changing course.”

– Michael Alleman, Police Cadet

“I had a life-changing experience at the RGI seminar.”

– Gogue Josstin, US Marine

“Life changing.”

– David Dubois, High Sheriff of Strafford County, New Hampshire and former Chief of Police of the Rochester, New Hampshire Police Department.

“I value the outstanding training I received from you and your staff and look forward to future interaction with you for personal development that will aid me in policing personally and leading my staff with ethical decision making. Your system is like no other I have been exposed to. It is needed in LE. I take use of force seriously and have been certified at basic and advanced levels in a few systems. Yours is the best by far! I have shared the concepts from your training with great success in my own agency and am very interested in any follow courses you offer. Law Enforcement can benefit greatly from embracing the ethical protector heartset! “

– Richard Jakucs, Colonel USMC (ret.)

“This course is a must for all people drawn to the protector lifestyle. In the case of Law Enforcement officers, the three days of affordable training will potentially save departments millions of dollars in lawsuits, as well as, bolster precious respect and support from the community.”

– Jennifer Kelly, Ph.D., ABPP Board Certified in Police & Public Safety Psychology

While entitled a Certification Course in Conflict Resolution, what participants are given far exceeds what any course title or description could outline. This three day program with the highly skilled and professional trainers at Resolution Group International leaves one with a renewed clarity of personal ethics, sound communication skills and increased self-confidence, particularly as it relates to learning the physical skills necessary to ameliorate conflict. A course with obvious benefits to police and public safety personnel, its general focus on values, ethics and professionalism create an easy to follow “life plan” that will increase every participant’s personal safety, improve their interpersonal (and community) relations, as well as, reduce their stress level. A “must” for any mental health professional, but particularly beneficial to clinicians working within the field police and public safety psychology. Highly personally beneficial, this course will also assist the public safety psychologist in addressing burn out, compassion fatigue, poor coping skills and post-incident stress in those with whom they work.

– Matthew D. Kunz, Chief, Jackson Twp NJ Police Department

“Contemporary law enforcement needs to continually reevaluate how we interact with our constituents. This training provides valuable insight into ensuring we don’t lose sight of not only our mission, but also the importance of maintaining empathy and an appreciation for protecting others and everything that is important to them as well.”

– Peter Sundack, Toms River NJ Police Department

“This Course is a valuable learning experience for a new officer or Chief of Police. The tactical learning is simple and effective and the ethics and communications training were extremely useful.”

– Steve Moraguan, Park Ranger

“I usually dread having to go to training. But from the first session I could tell that this was going to be different. Taught valuable lessons that not only apply to my profession, but to my personal and family life.”

– Luis Fajardo, Middlesex County Sherriff

“I am more confident in my ability to de-escalate conflict peacefully.”

– Joseph Opinski, Park Ranger

“Amazing ethical insight and solidified my reason for joining the service as a protector.”

– Robert Monday, USMC officer

“Prepares you to be a better person, leader and protector. The knowledge, experience and professionalism of the staff is unmatched.”

– Joseph Smith

“I’ve served in the Marine Corps, as a police officer, and my current position as a park supervisor. This is the first training I’ve had ─ and there have been very, very many ─ that not only opened my mind to others’ needs, but finally opened my heart.”

– Chief Mitch Little, Toms River NJ Police Department

“I can’t say enough that would give the methodology and principle of this course justice. In short, it is the cornerstone of what every person, not only a police officer, needs. I have studied martial arts for 28 years. I learned more in these three days about principles than in 28 years of learning techniques. Techniques mean nothing and will be ineffective if the principle of tactical space management isn’t driven home ─ it is the basis for all techniques. The course should be taught in every police department and academy in the country.”

– Ralph Apicelli, Park Ranger

“Fortunate beyond measure to be accepted, taught and furthered by this unique and elite group.”

- Dr. John Kahler, M.D., HAITI MPHISE

“Being able to work with a group of adult men around issues like honor and courage is not something to which I can often avail myself.”

- Hal W., Federal Law Enforcement Instructor; Major, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

“As an instructor for a major federal law enforcement agency as well as a reserve Marine Corps martial arts instructor, I am exposed to a great variety of defensive tactics training programs. Whether private sector or public sector, most of these courses do an acceptable job of teaching students a variety of techniques to respond to varying degrees of threat. Of these, few make a genuine attempt at teaching verbal de-escalation skills, and only the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and RGI’s Conflict Resolution Course instill a sense of ethical understanding of the use of force the “ethical warrior.” RGI has seamlessly blended all three of these critical components into a cohesive program that is appropriate for recruits and veterans alike.

The RGI staff consists of a cadre of seasoned professionals who have seen their fair share of conflict. Their combination of experience, skill, wisdom, and character enable them to impart this critical information with credibility and clarity.”

– Mike Knetzger, Green Bay PD

“As a 22-year police officer I learned more about being an Ethical Warrior in 3 days than in 24 years of ethics training. All law enforcement leaders need to attend Ethical Protector training and embrace the principles. If you are a burned out cop, this course will rejuvenate you and help you remember why you put the uniform on for the first time.”